Product Summary

This service predicts the prognosis of activities of daily living of elderly adults and proposes personalized optimal plan for the rehabilitation. We provide AI and the IoT devices for promoting the independence of handicapped elderly adults.  The AI can predict the prognosis of the adults and proposed personalized optimal plan for rehabilitation, and the IoT devices can support safe movements and collect the activity data in the daily life that are used to improve the plan and devices utilizations.


Rehabilitation AI
Care plan AI
Home care AI
Institutional care AI


  • Japan’s medical insurance, system in line with revision of long-term care insurance, AI design.
  • Accumulated detailed ICT (Information and Communication Technology) rehabilitation performance data.
  • Utilize converter technology for various assessments of various occupations.
  • Input of condition image based on national database (LIFE) and examination of correspondence with international standards ICD-11 and WHODAS2.
  • Assists outdoor walking with a walking assist suit.
  • Measurement of moving distance by using outdoor walking support robot.
  • Activity is measured with a wristband-type biosensor that prevents bedridden by supporting indoor independent walking using a fall prevention walking vehicle.
  • Collect sensor data and log data of nursing care robots via the nursing care business support system.
  • We analyze with our back end server and propose the most suitable independence support nursing care.