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岡本 茂雄
In the 21st century, as the super aging society progresses, the healthcare field is becoming a serious issue of our society. With the simultaneous revision of the long-term care insurance and medical insurance systems expected in 2024, changes in the perspective of the healthcare field are also required. That is, we are now aiming for elderly care that improves ADL and promotes the independence of the care recipient, instead of the conventional elderly care that supports the recipient’s everyday life.
As an action for this direction, the Japanese government has built the scientific long-term care information system LIFE and has begun to introduce an efficient long-term care system based on data. However, there is concern that LIFE data accumulation will not be in time for the next care system revision in 2024.
We have been focusing on building next-generation care management based on the medical knowledge of Japan’s top academia and the latest AI / IoT technology. Being able to flexibly respond to the issues of 2024 is a major strength of our Novuscare team, which is a combination of specialists in the fields of medical care, long-term care, healthcare, and AI / IoT technology.
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CEO Shigeo Okamoto
Novuscare Co., Ltd.